Why I Switched to Glossier

Before this school year I had never heard of Glossier, until it started spreading on my feed like wild fire. It seemed like everyone had some sort of Glossier product that they could go on about for hours. I had a pretty strict make up and face wash routine so it took me a while to venture out into the world of Glossier.

My first order to Glossier consisted of the basics, Boy Brow and Milk Jelly Cleanser. (They also sent me a, Glossier You, perfume sample) My order also came in cool re usable pink zip lock pouch. I save all of my pink pouches and use them to put makeup in when I travel.


On Glossier’s website boy brow is offered in 4 different options, clear, blonde, brown and black. While I do have blonde hair, I like to fill in my eye brows a little darker, so I went with brown. After the first time I tried it, I was hooked. It filled in my brows darker and fuller than my old brow pen did. I used to use Anastasia Brow Wiz.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 9.27.41 PMNext, I took off my makeup with the Milk Jelly Cleanser. In the description on their website it says that you can use the face wash to take off your makeup which I love because I hate makeup wipes. Yes, I know very ~unpopular opinion.~ The Milk Jelly Cleanser worked great, taking off my makeup and leaving my skin feeling very smooth and conditioned. I have been using the Milk Jelly Cleanser for a little over a month now and definitely have noticed less breakouts and my skin feeling much smoother. I look forward to waking up every morning and using it to start my day. I used to use a Clean and Clear exfoliating face wash.


So after converting two of my sworn by, every day beauty products to Glossier, I couldn’t stop there. Next, I ordered their mascara, lash slick, that just recently dropped and their lip gloss which is hyped up to be insanely ~glossy~ (Well I would hope so, they are called Glossier after all). I normally use Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced and I don’t usually use lip gloss because I have a bad habit of picking my lips.


My immediate thoughts on lash slick were that there was NO WAY I was going to switch over because of how obsessed I was with my Better than Sex Mascara. Well was I wrong, once again. Lash Slick is an amazing everyday mascara. It makes your lashes look long and natural, almost like you got extensions. The best part about it is that it DOESN’T CLUMP, yes you heard me right– It does not clump. Below is a before and after picture of lash slick.


As for their lip gloss, it is the ~glossiest~ lip gloss I have found to date. But as I said before I have a bad habit of picking my lips so the lip gloss lasted about 15 minutes on my walk to Gov Ball before I picked it off :.)

I had a long list of products I have been dying try so I made my way over to the Glossier show room in Soho (with my roommate who so kindly agreed to let me take pictures of her). First we tried on their cloud paints because I’ve heard so many amazing reviews about them. Below is Jordan trying cloud paint in ‘dusk.’


Cloud Paint comes in six shades ranging from nude to pink to a deeper pink. I don’t use blush, but I could see myself using cloud paint because it gives your cheeks a natural rosiness without it being obvious you applied blush.


Next we tried on Lid Star, which comes in six glistening shades. A lot of people like to mix Lid Star shades together to make their own, but we just tried one. Below is Jordan trying it in the shade ‘Cub.’


Lid Star is definitely on my list of Glossier products I need to purchase next. It’s very easy to apply and feels almost like a butter. I didn’t capture a very good picture here, but in person it is very pigmented and pearly.

The Glossier Show Room is such a cool concept and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re ever in New York or Los Angeles and have a few products you want to try. It literally has every,single Glossier product, there, available for you to try. It’s also very aesthetically pleasing and captures their brand spot on, simple and clean (plus it’s a great place to get a picture.)


After the first time I tried Glossier, I ended up switching out most of my make up and skin care products for them because it is such a unique and natural brand. Glossier enhances ones natural beauty and features without making you look like you caked on a bunch of makeup. All of their products are light and fresh so you barely even feel like you’re wearing makeup. To date, I have switched out my brow pen, mascara, face wash, body wash, chap stick, and primer out and there are still products I have yet to try.

I linked Glossier’s website down below and all the products I mentioned in this post.

Glossier’s Website

Love Always, Meghan

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