Being a Brand Rep for Rent the Runway

This semester I decided to take on yet another venture – being a Brand Representative for Rent the Runway.

I’ve been loving Rent the Runway because its given me time to focus on buying basic pieces and renting more extravagant ones. A lot of the time I get wrapped up in buying expensive clothes I’m only able to wear a few times.


Like this fur coat from Keepsake, it’s cute to wear a few times, but not practical to wear every day this winter. It’s perfect to rent for one month though.


Some of my favorite brands to rent are Free People, For Love & Lemons, Love Shack Fancy, and Reformation. They are really stepping up their brand selection to appeal to a younger audience this year!

They also have really cute accessories and bags, which I didn’t know before! Bags can be such a big investment and Rent the Runway allows you to rent such fun ones. I was obsessed with this polka dot, Marc Jacobs crossbody. (In the picture I’m also wearing a For Love & Lemons jacket I rented.)


Also one of the best parts about Rent the Runway is the sustainability aspect to it. Renting clothes is so much better for the environment than buying! They also ship your clothes to you in an eco friendly, reusable garment bag.

Being a Brand Representative has been so fun so far, I’m going to link the application to apply for spring semester for anyone interested. As a Brand Representative you get the basic membership to rent four articles of clothing per month.


Love Always,



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