Friday Favorites (1/8)

After a 2 month hiatus from this blog due to going back to work seasonally at Nordstrom, I am back with Friday Favorites ‘Nordstrom edition.’ I am going to be sharing some of my favorite Nordstrom purchases I made while working there this holiday season.

Things I’m loving from Nordstrom this week…

  1. Matching Set: CODEXMODE Tie Dye Sweatsuit

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, tie dye sweatsuits are so 2020 Meghan. In my opinion, though, this is more marbly than tie dye, the colors are muted enough that it doesn’t scream tie dye at you. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it on and being one of the most flattering ‘sweatsuits’ I have ever worn, it has permanently worked its way into my 2021 WFH wardrobe.

2. Candle: Boy Smells Hypernature Neopéche Scented Candle

There is not much to say about this candle aside from the fact that it smells unreal. Add this candle on top of a stack of books to your end table, and voila, you have an Instagram worthy setup.

3. Sunglasses: Pink 55mm Ray Bans

I find it hard to find sunglasses that I like on my face and found this pair to be super flattering. I love the pink color because they will perfect for the spring and summer season.

4. Tennis Shoes: On Cloudflow Running Shoe

I posted these on my story the other day and received a lot of DM’s asking me where I got these! So far I’ve gone on two leisurely walks in them, and they are very comfortable. Since they are white, I find it more difficult to keep them clean, but I have succeeded so-far!

5. Coat: Nordstrom Zip Puffer Coat

If you want a fun statement coat that is good quality, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on something you may only wear a few times, look no further. This jacket’s original price was $98 and has been marked down to $39.90. There’s no reason not to get this (plus it comes in so many fun colors).

6. Incense: P.F. Candle Co. Set of 3 Incense Bundle

I got my boyfriend an incense holder as one of his gifts this year and needed some incense to go along with it. Honestly, when I ordered it I didn’t smell it before. I was looking for some random incense that didn’t smell like sage or was too ‘girly.’ Wow, was I  pleasantly surprised when this arrived. This scent is hands down, one of a kind. If you aren’t into incense, this brand also makes candles. I showed my mom this and she immediately bought a candle afterward.

Like tell me this doesn’t sound amazing –

No.21 Golden Coast incense: featuring notes of redwood, sea salt, eucalyptus and palo santo.

No.11 Amber & Moss incense: featuring notes of sage, moss and lavender.

No.04 Teakwood & Tobacco incense: featuring notes of leather, teak and orange.

7. Weighted Bands: Bala Set of 2

I got these as a gift from my Grandma, so Grandma if you’re reading this, thank you! These are honestly a bit expensive for what they are, you’re just paying for the brand, but in my opinion, they’re worth it. These will be nice to include in any home workout to get a little extra burn-in.

8. Sandals: Gucci Rubber Logo Platform Slide Sandle

Last, but most definitely not least. My absolute favorite purchase this holiday season! I debated including these because I love them so much, but I just needed to share because just, wow. Amazing vibes from the pink ones, but they also come in many different colors for different occasions.

Praying this blog justifies all the shopping I’ve done these past few months… :,)

Love Always,


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