Friday Favorites (2/19)

Things I’m loving this week…

  1. Hair Oil: Olaplex from Sephora

You probably have heard of Olaplex, but if you haven’t and are like me – very late to hop on this bandwagon. This stuff is the holy grail of hair oil, and you can tell that by how much I’ve used of it (lol). Up until recently, I’ve never really had damaged hair, so I have never had to worry about using hair oil. After my long road trip this past August, I went in for a hair appointment, and my hairdresser had to cut so much off because it was so dead. I was in shock. After that, I was introduced to Olaplex. Now, every time I get out of the shower, I apply a little to my ends. Fast forward three months, I went back to my hairdresser and she was in shock by how healthy my hair is! No more drastic hair cuts for me *phew*.

2. Pajamas: Set from Daily Sleeper

I honestly don’t wear pajamas but if I did, you would 100% see me rocking a set from Daily Sleeper. I would consider these a ~luxury~ in the pajama world. They are quite an investment, but after seeing how versatile they are, I was sold. I have this vision ingrained in my mind of myself and my my roommate wearing a matching pair of these, clinking wine glasses together on the first night in our new apartment. Like how fun are these? You can take these from your bed to a dinner party, we love a good multipurpose ‘fit.

3. Workout Platform: Sweat with Sweats from Sweats and the City

I’ve been following the account on Instagram @sweatsandthecity for quite some time now and they finally came out with their own workout platform. Their Instagram shares the best recommendations for all things health, wellness, and workout class. They give very honest and helpful reviews and also help you pick the best instructors for online classes. Being at only $19/month, this is also one of the least expensive workout platforms I’ve seen. When I begin work in a few weeks, this will be an everyday staple of mine and I will have access to great instructors I wouldn’t have had access to before in Pittsburgh.

4. Necklaces: Assorted from Funky and Fresh & Mathe Jewelry &

PSA: Stock up on your fun chunky necklaces for summer before everyone else does!!! Who would have thought that the jewelry we made as kids would come back into style? I love this trend and think it will be so fun to wear a bunch of them to the pool with a cute swimsuit, plus it is a great way to support smaller businesses and creators who are making them.

5. Top: LPA from Revolve

Talk about the perfect top to throw on with jeans! I love this top. It is a whole outfit in itself. Throw this on with a pair of jeans, gold hoops, your favorite gold necklace, and your outfit is complete. No more stressing about what to wear for dinner and drinks. It’s effortless.

Love Always,


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