Friday Favorites (2/26)

Yes, I still found time to write in sunny California.. but forgot to post so I’m posting now! Things I’m loving this week…

  1. Organic Chia Bar from Trader Joes

I’ve been eating these every morning in Joshua Tree before hiking and they are delicious and gluten-free! I will definitely being purchasing more of these, they will be the perfect work snack.

2. Hair Styling Brush by Revlon from Target

Okay, I’m pretty sure every girl on Tik Tok is making videos with this brush and their perfect blown out 90s style hair and curtain bangs, but if you’re not on the Tik Tok scene let me put you on this. I actually received this as a gift from my aunt and like to think of it as the next best thing to the Dyson air-wrap. I used to hate blow drying my hair because it would get so frizzy. I would also never straighten it either because I always thought it looked too pin straight. This brush makes your hair look so shiny, non frizzy and picture perfect. Every time I use it, I’m amazed with myself and feel like I just got my hair blown out at the salon.

3. Tula Protect + Glow Daily Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30 from Ulta

In my search to find the perfect face sunscreen, I have finally found it. I originally went to find the Goop one I linked a few Friday Favorites ago and ended up stumbling upon this instead and I’m so happy I did. It is the perfect texture, it feels just like a good moisturize, not sticky or white at all. I honestly love applying it, it feels great on your face. It also leaves you with the perfect glow!

4. Nap Dress from Hill House

Not a want, but a need – the nap dress from Hill House. It is the perfect spring dress, described as easy, everyday elegance. It also looks so comfortable, almost like you could take a nap in it. Lol.

Love Always,


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