Friday Favorites (03/05)

It’s March.. how did that happen already? In honor of my cute boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, I’m doing a Friday Favorites based on things he has influenced me to buy since we’ve been dating… Don’t tell him, but he may have better taste than me, it’s fine.

  1. Active Moist Oil-Free Dermalogica Moisturizer

One way to get to know a guy is by his ~skincare.~Walking into a boys bathroom for the first time to see that he not only does not have a 3-in-one body wash, but then seeing this on his counter, you can only imagine my delight. I have never had a moisturizer I religiously used and I can’t even remember what I used to use before this. I always found moisturizers to be a little heavy, like they never fully sank into my skin and leave it oily, but not this one. It feels light and refreshing on your skin. It also smells unreal, I wish they made a candle out of it. With my order came a travel-size daily microfoliant which I need to add the full size to my next order. 

2. Kitu Super Coffee

I’m pretty sure anyone that was in the vicinity of Josh this summer has tried one these, whether it was plain or mixed in with RumChata is a story for another time. The coffee tastes unreal and happens to be very healthy as well with no added sugar and 10g of protein. I love drinking these before a morning workout to give me an extra added boost of energy. My favorites are the caramel and vanilla ones.

3. Sunday Scaries Podcast by Will Defries

We all know and love the Sunday scaries, whether we have tried to cure them with Super Coffee or by going to your local Bloom cafe. I have not missed a single episode of this podcast since Josh has introduced me to it. I don’t really know how to describe this podcast other than the fact that I just feel so calm and all of the anxiety leaves my body after listening to it. I also highly recommend checking out their Instagram page, it’s hilarious – with very dm’able content for all your Instagram meme group needs.

4. Lonely Ghost clothing by Indy Blue

After getting a few dm’s after I posted a picture wearing this sweatsuit, I decided to include this brand because it definitely deserves more recognition. Josh didn’t necessarily introduce to me this brand, we have both shared a mutual love for Indy Blue for quite some time. It’s actually how our road-trip kind of got wheels. One night we were talking about how in high school Indy put out a video that inspired both of us to travel and we got to talking about how we both have always wanted to go on a road-trip, so we did! She is a really cool, hard-working, passionate girl and you should definitely check out her brand.

Happy Birthday Josh, I love you!

Love Always,


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