Friday Favorites (7/16)

Hi there! After a brief hiatus, I am back with both a life and blog update! In March I finally began my full-time job at TJX and am enjoying it, more than I thought I would! It combines my passion for being creative and fashion with being analytical all into one role.

From now on I’m hoping to stay more consistent with the blog and have many exciting ideas for it aside from my weekly Friday Favorites posts. I want to take Friday Favorites and shift it into a sustainable direction, in hopes of combating the growing fast fashion industry and accelerated trend cycle. It’s been a work in progress and a big adjustment the past few months attempting to shop more sustainably and small when I can. 

While all of this is better for the environment, it is inherently more expensive. I understand that this is not accessible for everyone, but I view it is an investment in my future with fashion.  Instead of purchasing a $15 top from Shein that will last me one summer, I have now become more conscious of investing in nicer pieces that will have a longer home in my closet.  

I am really excited to share all the things I have learned and all the new brands I have discovered, with you guys. Shopping and experimenting with clothes is a massive part of who am I and how I express myself, so I’ve made the decision to be more environmentally conscious about how and where I shop. I’m not a perfect person and this won’t be perfect, but I am excited to continue to learn and discover more great companies.

I think we can all say that fast fashion has ruined a lot for us. Stores such as Zara rotate their trends almost every two weeks. As someone who loves fashion so much, it’s frustrating watching so many influencers promote fast fashion and a trend that will last a week, tops! You have people on TikTok ordering hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of clothes from brands like Zaful and Shein and share those “hauls” with their thousands of followers. 

While I understand the appeal of this and I am in no way perfect with my shopping habits, I am excited to take you all along with me on my journey of consuming things more mindfully and promoting more sustainable options to hopefully educate and bring more awareness to others so they will consider it as well…

and with that being said, here things I’m loving this week….

  1. Hats: Lack Of Color

I love my Lack of Color hat! I wear it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s cute to throw on while you’re at the pool or out running errands. It has a big brim as well, so it’s the perfect hat to protect your face from the sun at all costs and we all know how important that is! It’s so important, to be aware of how and where the products you consume are coming from. Lack of Color has a page dedicated to ethics and most companies have pages where you can find how they source their materials and where they are produced.

2. Clothing Brand: Steele

The shirt and shorts I’m wearing in the picture above is from Steele. They have THE cutest summer dresses and fun sets.

3. Book: Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid

If you’re looking for an easy, fun summer read this is your book! My flight home, from my recent trip to Breckenridge, got delayed and easily read over this half of this book in one sitting. At one point I found myself wishing our flight would get delayed even more so I could finish it. 

* Also, pro-tip, if you still like to buy your books off Amazon because it’s easy, but don’t want to support them, there is an option under all the books where it says ‘more buying options.’ If you click that, you can buy used books that are usually in near perfect condition and come from independent booksellers. Sometimes a portion of the sale even goes to charity. It’s usually cheaper than buying it full-price from Amazon as well.

4. Coach Purses

Okay the verdict still isn’t in if Coach has fully made their comeback, but for me they have. Oh and PSA: A ton of their bags are 50% right now and I can officially say I have made my first Coach purchase again since 2010.

5. Face Masks: Youth to the People

This is one of my favorite face masks because it’s not super harsh on your skin and you can use it a few times a week! Anytime I’m feeling gross, I throw this face masks on and my face immediately feels 100x cleaner afterward. I also really feel like it cleans out my pores and gets rid off all of my stubborn leftover makeup.

Love Always,


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