Friday Favorites 8/6

Happy August Lovers! I can’t believe it’s already August, Summer flew by and now it’s T-Minus one month until I move to Boston! Here’s what I’m loving this week…

  1. Shoes: Miista

If you’re looking for a fun pair of shoes no one else will probably have, Miista is your place. I love that Miista has such a unique shoe selection. I ordered the rainbow mules in the picture above, I sadly think they’re sold out, but they are so comfortable and go with more than I thought!

2. Clothing: Scarlet and Sam

It’s no secret that crochet has made a huge appearance this summer. This account makes hand-made crochet knit tops and I am absolutely obsessed.

3. Art Work: Matches by Memory

I have always loved matches and thought they were so cool / such great keepsakes so when I discovered this brand, it was a match made in heaven. I love the idea of this too much. You give her a lists of restaurants or places you’ve been, ect. it can really be anything and if the place doesn’t have match books, she does her own research and makes you a custom match book for that spot. You can also submit your own photos for inspiration. I just ordered one for my apartment and I cannot wait for it to get here. I submitted the restaurants that my boyfriend and I went to on our recent trip to Breckenridge because they were all amazing and so memorable. I gave her a lot of creative freedom with it, so I cannot wait to see what she comes up with! She posts on her Instagram whenever custom orders are available again, so i recommend turning on your post notifications for her account if you want to order a piece.

4. Hair Care: Prose

People always ask me how my hair is so healthy and this is it people! I cannot say enough good things about Prose, it has completely transformed my hair. I notice a significant difference in how my hair feels when I use another shampoo or conditioner other than Prose. How it works, is you go to their website and take their very specific hair quiz, it even asks you your zip code so it can take into account the air quality of your area. Then based off the quiz, they make you a custom formula specific to you.

5. Vintage: Three Days a Week

Another super easy way to shop sustainability is to shop used! It also ensures no one else will probably have the same outfit as you 😉 This small store has a lot of great unique pieces!

Love Always,


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