Friday Favorites (8/27)

Things I’m loving this week…

  1. Brands: Cythia Rowley

I thought the influencer event they did a few weekends ago was amazing and so well done. It truly made me want to shop there again. If you want to check it out, I think they have a good highlights story of it on Instagram.

2. Brand: Attire The Studio

This brand was created by Xenia Adonts, a German Entrepreneur, and Influencer who I have been following for quite some time. It is amazing to see how far she has come over the years and I couldn’t be happier for her with the launch of her new sustainable fashion brand. She recently just made Forbes 30 and 30 and I 100% see why. If you don’t follow her already, you should. I obviously don’t know her, but she seems like the most genuine, sweet human and her content really reflects that as well.

My favorite piece from her brand right now is this silk satin lavender top. I also love how transparent their website is! More brands should do this.

3. Book Recommendation: Beach Read by Emily Henry

If you’re going to the beach, bring this book! You won’t be disappointed.

4. Shoes: Souludos

Soludos made a vegan leather sneaker that is very ethically made. A lot of the time when companies make things that are vegan leather, a multitude of environmentally harmful synthetics are included in it, but Soludus’s vegan leather is made from non-edible corn. Sounds weird I know. The shoe is eco-friendly, down to it’s biodegradable cotton shoelaces and 100 percent recycled paper packaging.

Love Always,


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