Friday Favorites (8/15)

Thing’s I’m loving this week… Acadia Edition!

  1. Hiking Boots: Columbia!3937!3!206821708513!!!g!913709458514!&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqp-LBhDQARIsAO0a6aKmvEPqJ4U66xJTKCQDRLtj9om5vlEs7U69SIc3tcyFAFsZrZ9wQw0aAsoBEALw_wcB

These babies have lasted me so long, like literally through the 7 national parks I’ve been to in the last year and countless other weekend hikes i’ve done along the way. I honestly did not expect to them to hold up as well as they did, but they have never failed me and are still going strong. They have great traction, ankle support and are water proof as well. If you’re looking for a new pair of hiking boots, I definitely recommend these ones. It also looks like they’re on sale right now.

2. Puffer Skirt: North Face

Guys… this was quite the find this weekend. I randomly wandered into the North Face Store in Bar Harbor looking for a puffer vest and came out with this baby. I really wanted to gate keep this find for myself, but I had to share because I’m so excited about it. Who knew North Face made skirts? Puffer Coats… Puffer Vest… but Puffer Skirts? You heard it here first though, North Face puffer skirts will be in this winter. I can picture myself back in Bar Harbor next fall wearing this around town with tights, a black turtle neck and my low hunter green rain boots.

3. Beanie: Carhartt

This is my favorite beanie to hike in. It’s so cute and keeps you so warm. It is essential you order a kids one though. They fit way better. I also have to credit this find to my lovely friend Sara, she came back with these after shopping for the road trip and after seeing it on her I immediately went to Dick’s and bought myself one in three colors.

4. Hiking Socks: Solemate

The comfiest and cutest socks to hike in! I love how they’re mis match as well. They can add some color to your boring, everyday hiking fit. Yes, only I would be concerned with what I wear hiking. Next point.

5. Airbnb: The Betty

If you find yourself in Acadia, staying at the Betty is a must. It is about a 30 minute drive from the main town, Bar Harbor and the park, but the town is very busy / loud during the season so we found it was better to stay outside. Also, not being in the town we got to see the Milky Way one night. A truly spectacular experience and a 10/10 stay that I will remember for the rest of my life. The place was also adorable and so cozy. The people who own it, are the most lovely people as well and put so many thoughtful touches into the space. I couldn’t image staying anywhere else.

Also if you find yourself planning a trip to Acadia here were a few of our favorite places in town:

Geddys: Dinner (order the Lobster Roll)

Two Cats: Breakfast (order a Cat Paw)

Project Social Kitchen: Drinks before Dinner

Choco-Latte: Coffee

Acadia Perk: Coffee

Mount Dessert Bakery: Coffee and Homemade Bagels

The Independent Cafe: Coffee and Local Goods / Spirits

Love Always,


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