Friday Favorites Last Minute Gift Guide

I don’t know about you, but I love the holidays and just about any other occasion I get to give someone a gift. There is no better feeling than to surprise someone you care about with a thoughtful and meaningful gift. 

With that said, here is my Friday Favorites 2021 Holiday Gift Guide, full of unique and sustainable gifts from small businesses sure to please anyone on your shopping list this holiday season!

  1. Handmade Checkered Coasters: Roma Threads

For the friend who is always adding to their bar cart.

These little handmade checkered coasters are to-die-for. These coasters are the perfect addition to your friend’s new bar cart or coffee table.

2. Weighted Blanket: Brooklinen

For the friend who is in need of an extra hug.

I have yet to invest in a weighted blanket for myself, so I would love one of these as a gift (hint hint to any friends who are reading this). This isn’t your typical gift but it is one that goes a long way. Weighted blankets truly make you feel like you are being hugged and are especially great for when the Sunday scaries hit extra hard. 

3. Skin Gift Set: Osea Malibu

For the skincare-obsessed friend.

Osea Malibu is a clean, sustainable, and vegan skin and body care brand; they just put out the best holiday gift sets at a super reasonable price. Some of their full-size items can be on the pricier side but are well worth it. This product, specifically, I like because it features their body oil, and I’ve been loving using body oil versus moisturize lately. I find it keeps my skin hydrated for longer.

4. Warm and Wonderful Beanie: Rowing Blazers

For the friend who owns too many beanies to the point where they have lost count (definitely not me).

You really can’t go wrong with gifting someone a beanie during the Holidays! My roommate and I bought these beanies the second they launched on their website because we thought they were the most adorable things ever!

5. Sweat Suit: Apres Sunday

For the tracksuit-loving-put-together friend.

It’s impossible not to feel at least 10% more put together while wearing a matching set. This set would make the perfect gift for that friend who wears a matching tracksuit but throws a wool trench coat over the top because comfort and fashion can go hand in hand! 

6. Balmy Tinted Lip Oil: Ilia Beauty

For the beauty guru friend.

One can’t deny that lip products have been under quite the spotlight in 2021. I must admit, Ilia Beauty has taken the beauty industry by storm with its clean beauty products. This tinted lip oil has been a game-changer. The cool part is, it has hyaluronic acid in it and leaves your lips feeling so silky and soft.  

7. Morning Rituals Journal: Turquoise and Tobacco

For the “I need to start having a better morning routine” friend.

A journal is an important item in starting your day off on the right foot. It makes for a thoughtful gift because, at times, it can be something that most people won’t buy for themselves!

8. Handmade Charcuterie Board: ChoppdBoardsnBlocks

For the friend that is always in charge of making the charcuterie board.

A crucial piece in the charcuterie board process is the board itself! This reminds me of the Momi Vintage Cutting Board, pictured below.

9. Matchbook Water Color Print: Furbish Studio

For the travel-bug friend who loves art.

Furbish Studio is an adorable online home store that features many cool items on its site. My obsession with matches brings me to love these prints. They have multiple places to commemorate a favorite place your giftee has traveled to. 

10. Geni Huggies: F.Y.B Jewelry

For the fashionable friend.

F.Y.B. is a brand you’ve probably seen on my blog before and that I hold very near and dear to my heart. F.Y.B. gave me my first internship going into my junior year of college, in New York City. The brand is owned by one of the most inspiring ladies I know! She is the inspiration behind wanting to start my own small business one day. Their Geni Huggies are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. I wear them every day, and they have held up so well! They are the perfect earrings to have in your other piercings and forget that they are there!. (You can use code ’20off’ for 20% off your purchase).

11. Book of the Month Subscription

For the friend who always has a book in their hand.

Book of the Month Club blew up during COVID! This is the perfect gift because they have an option on their website where you can give someone a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. I love Book of the Month, I’ve been following their Instagram for some time, and they recommend great new books.

12. Ganni Envelope Chain on a Wallet: LadyBird

For the trendy friend.

I stumbled upon this adorable boutique while in Columbus this summer for a concert. They carry the best brands! I love following along with their Instagram as well because they put together the best outfit inspiration.

13. Cloud Cotton Robe: Parachute

For the 12-step self-care routine friend.

When they step out of the shower. They will appreciate a nice robe.

14. Custom Bali Word Bracelet: Cleo Bella

For your friend who has everything.

I always find it’s best to go with a customized gift. I think that this is such a unique gift that you could make really meaningful.

I hope this helped you check at least one more person off your gift-giving list. I challenge you to support at least one small business this holiday season.

Love Always,


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