Friday Favorites 3/4

Happy Friday Lovers! I haven’t done one of these in a while but had some good things to share with you this week.

  1. Loungewear Brand: Easy Sundays

This last year has made me pretty fond of Sundays. I don’t know if I’m fond of Sundays because I get to do laundry, followed by an extensive skincare routine all while listening to one of my favorite podcasts. Or if it’s because it’s a whole day dedicated to doing basically nothing. I am absolutely terrible at relaxing and doing nothing. But I love the name of this brand, Easy Sundays because that’s what Sundays are – easy.

I can picture myself now lounging around my apartment in this. The best part about this brand, aside from the name, is it is a small female-owned business that offers carbon-neutral shipping!

2. Socks: Alo Yoga

Did I buy these because the sales associate in the Soho Alo store told me they were giving out free tote bags for any purchase you made today? Maybe. Did I locate the cheapest item in the store to purchase so I could get my free Alo tote bag? Maybe. Did this end up being one of my greatest purchases this month? Yes!

These socks are so comfy and stylish. I love wearing them for working out and they look so cute to wear with snow boots as well. They also gave me a free month membership to their online workout platform. So one could say this was my best investment this month.

Also, I know you all were so curious to see what the free tote bag looks like. So here she is!

3. Pizza / Merch Brand: Sadie’s by the Bay

I had the pleasure of running into my old friend Aaron Silverberg this weekend in New York City. He was one of my first friends at Penn State, we met doing CommRadio together! I have always admired Aaron’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit so I had to shout out Sadie’s by the Bay this week.

Aaron created Sadie’s during quarantine and named it after his Great Grandmother because she inspired his love for cooking. If you’re in the area, you can visit one of their pop-ups this summer or if you’re not you can check out their merch in the meantime!

A message from Aaron:

After graduating from Pennsylvania State University, I immediately entered the “Covid World”. 

During this time, I took the opportunity to start my own entrepreneurial venture and opened up a pop-up pizza shop. Sadies By The Bay has been a thought of mine since my sophomore year of college. I am glad to honor my great grandmother, Sadie, and make people smile one pizza at a time!

During the summer of 2020, I was able to work on the weekends on my driveway. I quickly baked hundreds of pies and also started developing a presence on social media that grew quickly. From this network, I have also sold merchandise, hosted private events, and made lasting relationships with other business owners, local restaurants, and farmers.

This past summer, I continued my venture through a partnership with a popular restaurant down the shore, served thousands of pies, hired two amazing employees (Chloe & Sophia), and we increased sales by over 400 percent. This experience has taught us the benefits of a hard-working team, how each step of a process impacts the final product, and how each small success can lead to a large overarching goal. 

Now, looking forward, we are excited to continue to grow and build new relationships. We plan to do pop-ups with new and old friends on the weekends in Margate.

-Aaron Silverberg

I am excited to see what Aaron and Sadies do next!

4. Boots: Ganni

I have been eyeing these boots for the last year. One can only imagine how happy I was when browsing through SSense’s designer sale and saw them for almost half off with one size left in my size! I don’t think I’ve ever checked out from a website so quickly.

Love Always,


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