Friday Favorites 3/18

Happy Friday Lovers! Things I’m loving this week …

  1. Ceramics – Gjusta Goods

Gjusta is a must-stop anytime I’m in Venice. I love spending the morning sipping coffee under their massive tree on the patio then heading next door to their Homegoods store to do a little shopping. Tapered candles are making quite the comeback, as everything does these days, so when I saw these handmade candle holders, I had to snag them. Tapered candles are so fun to use while entertaining guests, it elevates any living room and makes it feel more cozy.

2. Beanies – Rowing Blazers

My beanie addiction says please summer never come, but my seasonal depression says otherwise.

3. Clothing Brand: Daily Drills

I’ve been eyeing this brand up for a while now. They had a warehouse sale a few weekends ago and I bought the cutest and most fun matching set for spring. I love the idea of adding beads to the strings of your sweatpants. Also, it’s impossible to be sad when wearing yellow! My silly daily walks are going to become a lot more fun in this.

I also love their new neutral color sweat sets and their classic workout sets. They also have men’s shorts, which I thought were cool as well. Honestly, the whole brand is just – chef’s kiss.

4. Bags: 324 NY

This made-to-order sustainable bag brand made by a mom and daughter is amazing. I love brands that offer made-to-order or pre-order so they don’t create any excess waste. They are also able to offer discounts for ordering beforehand as well, 20%! This brand gives me Staud vibes. This may have to be my next investment bag piece.

Good News Friday Article: Chloé wants to improve fashion’s social impacts. It’s a big ask.

Love Always,


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